The Leamington Society

Established in 1956. Registered charity number 516078
Award 2010. The Assembly.
Award 2012. The Royal Terrace.
Award 2010. Wolsely Sustainability Centre.
Award 2004. The Aviary, Jephson Gardens.
Award 2008. 12 Beauchamp Avenue.

The Leamington Society Awards

Every two years the Leamington Society presents awards to recognize achievements in improving the physical environment in Leamington Spa.

The definition is wide – awards could be given for:

The Bill Gibbons Trophy is presented, in addition, for the most impressive nominated private dwelling.

The Society will make awards again in 2016, with the winners being announced on Thursday, 14th July 2016.  Anyone (member of the Society or not) may make a nomination by just completing a form, and submiting it by Sunday April 17th.

Previous Awards

Awards 2014 Presentation

Awards 2012 Presentation

Awards 2010 Presentation

Awards 2008 Presentation

Awards 2006 Presentation

Awards 2004 Presentation

Awards 2002 Presentation











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